African Institute of Management Science was founded in 2005. We are currently in our 14th year, and are making significant strides as a leader in capacity-building for socio-economic transformation in Africa. 

AIMS is governed by a Board of Directors who are leading internationalists involved in organizational development, restructuring and individual self-development.  Thus, it is a private partnership initiative.

The tuition fees quoted for the various durations of our courses cover consultants’ placement costs, programme design, logistics and other pedagogic support. The tuition fee does not include accommodation and meals.

AIMS does not provide accommodation. However, it provides support in finding suitable accommodation. Contact the institution for details.

Comfortable accommodation costs are averaged around US$25 – US$30 per person per day. This, often, may include bed and breakfast. Supper could be provided at an extra cost. If you are staying longer, you may negotiate for discounts. Also note that there are luxurious accommodations at 4-star and 5-star hotels.

The city of Accra is reasonably safe. The city also boasts of lower crime rate compared to other cities in the West-African sub-region and Africa.

To secure accommodation during your stay in Accra, please contact the institution for booking and confirmation.

AIMS House is about 15 to 30 minute’s drive from the Kotoka International Airport. We provide free transport for our delegates. Upon receiving your travel details, our welfare officer will always be at the airport to receive you. We do not charge you for this service.

There are currently 7 different malls in Accra including Accra Mall, Achimota Mall, A & C Mall, Junction Mall, Marina Mall, Oxford Street Mall, West Hill Mall, the biggest mall in West Africa. In addition, there are others like Maxmart, a Walmart subsidiary in Ghana and Melcom. There are also numerous supermarkets in Accra.

Accra boasts of the presence of restaurants serving Ghanaian and continental dishes including KFC, Pinocchio, Papaye, Pizza Inn, La Piazza, Chicken Inn, Chase, Chicken Republic, Asanka Locals, and many more.

Yes. Tuition fees can be paid in Euros or the Pound Sterling, at the US Dollar tuition equivalent.