General Information

Travel Information

It is important that participants initiate  travel arrangements early to facilitate their smooth travel to any of our various training locations ahead of time. Potential participants should ensure that they comply with the following general requirements akin to most of our national locations:


Ensure that you have a valid passport, whose expiry date is not less than 3 months and with at least one clean passport page.


Obtain a yellow fever vaccination card if required


Gather all required documents based on the visa specific country of application


Submit application to the National Embassy responsible for visa issuance if required


Update AIMS, about your itinerary to facilitate your pick-up at the                                                             airport

Note: if you need further clarification and assistance pertaining to your travel arrangement please contact the administrative support at;

Accommodation & Lodging                                    The institute has partnered with three (3) to five (5) star-accommodation service providers in all our training locations for your choice at negotiated discount rates for our participants. Most facilities provide bed & breakfast, other laundry and guest friendly amenities and services. Our administrative support departments are in a position to arrange accommodation for you should you this service free of charge. Alternatively participants can arrange their own accommodation themselves, but we advise that this should be in close proximity to the training centre indicated at the address of the training location.

Transport & Logistics                                                

To enable a smooth transition for your training in any of our training venues, we provide participants with the following services free of charge:

Institutional study Guide & Tours                              

The African Institute of Management Science (AIMS) as part of our experiential and hands on capacity development initiative, we conduct, exclusive “non-class” room learning for senior and technical staff in executive positions for groups for as few as 2 participants to 50 participants.

The study tours can be organized depending on the area of need. Typical study tour areas include:

  1. Heavy Infrastructure development for Municipal bodies
  2. Power & Hydro-electric dams & power stations
  3. Massive Capital Expenditure projects
  4. The public Health Sector
  5. Agriculture, Mining and Manufacturing
  6. Parliamentary observation & legislative process
  7. Aviation and Transport
  8. HIV/AIDS treatment centers / Counter disease Surveillance projects
  9. World bank projects for National Development Agenda

Please note that, study tours are specifically client related and are not limited to the above only.

Prospective organizations should contact our faculty at for a collaborative effort in this direction.