About AIMS

The African Institute of Management Science (AIMS) is a capacity-building organization that works to develop the institutional framework, organizational capabilities and skills required to realize social and economic development. By building new skills and enhancing existing ones, AIMS programmes develop social capital to achieve positive social change and lasting economic development. AIMS and its partners share responsibility for project planning and design, resource allocation, organization and implementation.

Professional staff based in Ghana work with the complement of international training and development professionals to deliver effective programmes. AIMS is governed by a board of leading internationalists. Building capacities to manage development – within governments, among civil society organization and in the private sector – is vital to ensure equitable economic and social progress. AIMS addresses this specific need through programmes that aim to build capacities of local training institutions, service organizations, and NGOs to deliver skills development and training. Since 2000, AIMS has worked with its partners in Ghana and overseas to define needs and to design and deliver training and technical assistance that is innovative and cost – effective.

The direct involvement of its partners at all level of the project cycle has assured mutual respect, ownership responsibility. This partnership serves as a solid foundation on which to shape programmes and build human capital to meet the needs of the future.

Over the years AIMS has accumulated a wealth of experience in designing and delivering capacity building programs and training services in a wide range of sectors. We have worked with our local partners to develop capacities and skills to address development issues in a wide range of sectors, including: small and medium enterprise development; micro and medium – scale credit program design and management; environmental management; public administration; rural development; agriculture; science and technology; human settlements; and economic cooperation. AIMS has also managed funds on behalf of donor agencies that have contributed to human development projects.

AIMS provides capacity building support through a variety of approaches:

  1. Organizational development projects
  2. Human resource development analysis
  3. Curriculum design and development
  4. Focused workshops and practicums for trainers
  5. Intensive management development programmes
  6. Custom designed study tours and internships
  7. Support for international exchanges and networking
  8. Workshops and practicums on specific sectorial or technical issues
  9. Problem solving and counseling services for the clientele of the host organizations
  10. Marshalling resources and expertise for human resource development programmes

Our Programmes are organized under the following broad areas:

Economic development 

Programmes that build capacities for the management of economic change, promote economic cooperation internationally, enhance the productivity of enterprises and create an enabling environment for entrepreneurship.

Social development 

Activities that aim to improve the condition and position of people by strengthening the public institutions and civil society organization that work at the grassroots, with a particular emphasis on gender equity and reaching the most vulnerable.

Public Sector Strengthening 

Programmes for national development that build sound systems of governance with a focus on public policy formation and administration, institutional reform and development, and building effective processes for civil society-government dialogue and collaboration.

Environment Management 

Initiatives that promotes the environmental imperative in the design, planning, implementation, and evaluation of development programs.